Kiaikido is a martial art of Japanese origin. With the help of this body conscious movement method, we develop ourselves. During practices in addition to unarmed and armed techniques we learn breathing exercises, massage and meditation.

The focus of the practices is the improvement of the connection between mind and body. Through this we strengthen our self-confidence and rise our interoperability and condition. Because of this we meet our everyday challenges easier.

Everyone improves based on her own physical limits and condition. You can be a total beginner or sportsman, regardless of age or capabilities, you are welcomed.

“Heaven is right where you are standing, and that is the place to train.”

- Ueshiba Morihei, founder of Aikido -


Do not express yourself but listen to the world

There is a common idea in Europe that one should learn to express oneself. This is good for children and young people but not good for adults. Adults should be able to express themselves and communicate with the world so they should also be able to understand the world. However, most people neglect to understand the world and just try to express themselves so that the world understand them. This is a childish attitude.

When one gets older, the brain gets weaker and one tends to stop listening to the world. Then one just tries to express oneself all the time so that the world around adjusts to one's life. This attitude will make it difficult for others around to live with.

Everyone gets old and you must prepare for your old age. The most important preparation is to stop expressing yourself and try to listen to others.

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